The Top Ten Dachshund Behavior Issues

Dachshunds, with their charming elongated bodies and lively personalities, are popular pets around the world. However, every dog breed comes with its own set of behavior challenges. In this article, we will explore the top ten behavior issues commonly seen in Dachshunds. Whether you’re a new Dachshund owner or considering bringing one into your family, understanding these issues will help you provide the best care and training for your furry friend.

Excessive Barking

Dachshunds are known for their vocal nature. They love to express themselves, often through barking. While a bit of barking is natural, excessive barking can be annoying. To address this, engage your Dachshund in regular exercise and provide mental stimulation through interactive toys. Teaching the “quiet” command can also be helpful.

Separation Anxiety

Dachshunds are loyal and attached to their owners. When left alone, they can develop separation anxiety, leading to destructive behavior. To combat this issue, gradually accustom your Dachshund to being alone for short periods. Providing comfort items like blankets or toys can help them feel secure.


Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt, and their digging instincts are still strong. To manage this behavior, designate a digging area in your yard where they can indulge their natural instincts. Regular exercise and mental stimulation can also help curb this habit.

Aggression Towards Other Dogs

Some Dachshunds can be territorial and show aggression towards other dogs, especially of the same sex. Early socialization and positive reinforcement training are crucial in preventing this behavior. Always supervise interactions with other dogs until you’re confident in your Dachshund’s behavior.

Food Guarding

Dachshunds can be possessive over their food. To prevent food guarding, start hand-feeding your Dachshund as a puppy. This helps them associate your presence with positive things, reducing the likelihood of food aggression.

House Training Challenges

Housebreaking a Dachshund can be challenging due to their stubborn nature. Consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are key. Create a routine, use positive reinforcement, and never scold them for accidents.

Excessive Chewing

Dachshund puppies, like all puppies, go through a teething phase. To prevent destructive chewing, provide appropriate chew toys and redirect their attention when they target your belongings.

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