Adele’s fiancé is said to be ‘worried’ about her health as she prepares for a second kid

Adele is now quite busy. After a six-year break from the spotlight, she returned in 2021 with her fourth studio album and hasn’t stopped since. From talk-show appearances to her current year-long Las Vegas residency, the singer is apparently in high demand, which worries her fiancé, 41-year-old NBA sports agent Rich Paul.

The cited fears are not unfounded. Adele aroused health concerns earlier this year when she addressed fans about her’really awful’ sciatica symptoms at a Las Vegas show, and she just revealed this week that the illness, which may cause aches in your legs from your lower back, caused her to have a nasty fall onstage.

Adele is reportedly planning to have a second child, sharing that she’really wants to be a mum again soon,’ which is reportedly adding to her fiancé’s worries as he fears she is ‘pushing her body to the limit,’ according to a source.

“She puts so much pressure on herself and never seems to pause for a moment’s rest because she’s such a perfectionist,” an insider said to Closer Magazine about Paul’s concerns about Adele’s hard work schedule and its affect on their ambitions to extend their family. The good news is that she is treating this recent episode [her fall backstage due to sciatica] seriously, is receiving treatment, and is planning a long rest back in the UK after her residency concludes in early November.

“But that’s more than two months away, and Rich despises the idea of her covering up the cracks until then, pushing her body to the breaking point and risking more collapses.” He tells her that money is the least of her concerns right now, and that she should focus on her health instead. If that means putting herself to bed, so be it!”

With only two months till his Las Vegas residency ends, the singer is apparently calming down and realizing the necessity of taking breaks, thanks in part to Rich’s concerns. And, once the concerts are through, the source believes we’ll all be hearing the joyful news that the couple is expecting their long-awaited first child together, giving Adele’s son, Angelo, 11, and Rich’s three children, Reonna, Richie, and Zane, a sibling.

“Adele and Rich are still totally committed to starting a family together – they’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while and have no intention of giving up on that dream – but it’s a concern that she’s dealing with this condition, because it would be a nightmare scenario to be coping with during a pregnancy,” the source added.

“Adele is now getting plenty of rest in between gigs, and Rich has been by her side to help in any way he can – running errands, holding her hand, and reminding her to continue with physiotherapy.”

“Right now, Adele is assuring him that she has this under control, and Rich trusts her to make those decisions, but he’s just pointing out that they need to keep everything under control so her health isn’t jeopardized.” She agrees, and they’re going to take each day as it comes. It means so lot to her that she has Rich on her side; he’s her rock, and the way he’s reacting to this only confirms to her that he’s her soul mate.”

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