During a stressful night behind the judges’ table, Simon Cowell lashes out ‘America Got Talent’ producers

Tuesday night on America Got Talent was a night of highs and lows, and that doesn’t even include the on-stage performances, but rather what was going on around the judges’ table.

Seven musical, dance, magic, and acrobatic acts competed in the live performance show, with only two making it to the finals. And, based on the reactions of his fellow judges and spectators watching at home, if judge Howie Mandel was out to press people’s buttons both physically and metaphorically throughout the night, he appeared to succeed.

When it was time for Lachun√©, a South Carolina vocalist, to perform her rendition of Tina Turner’s “The Best,” she garnered standing ovations from three of the four judges Mandel being the lone chair-dweller.

The performance was praised by judges Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell, who said, “You radiate kindness, you really do, and I would love to see you in the final.” “I believe you truly deserve it.”

Mandel, on the other hand, had a different view, adding that he didn’t “personally love” her interpretation, prompting Cowell to press his red X buzzer toward Mandel. However, the latter proceeded, adding, “only two can go through, and I don’t think this is enough to get you to the finals,” prompting Vergara to use another judge’s buzzer.

That set the setting for Nashville singing duet Trailer Flowers, who said during a pre-recorded segment before their performance that they were out to prove Mandel incorrect for labeling their act “very good” but insisting that “great” was what they were seeking for.

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