Rapper GEECHI GOTTI Criticizes REMY MA for Betraying His Partner

The world of hip-hop has always been a hotbed of drama, rivalries, and controversies. In recent news, rapper Geechi Gotti has taken to social media to criticize fellow rapper Remy Ma for what he perceives as betrayal of his partner. This feud, which has captured the attention of fans and the media, highlights the complexities of relationships and loyalties in the rap industry. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this feud, exploring the reasons behind Geechi Gotti’s criticism and the broader implications it carries within the rap community.

The Feud Unveiled

The feud between Geechi Gotti and Remy Ma came to light when Geechi Gotti posted a series of tweets and Instagram stories accusing Remy Ma of betraying his partner, whose identity he has not disclosed. While he did not provide specific details about the alleged betrayal, his comments were enough to set off a firestorm of speculation and debate within the hip-hop community.

Geechi Gotti’s Perspective

Geechi Gotti’s criticisms appear to be rooted in a deep sense of loyalty to his unnamed partner. He has repeatedly emphasized the importance of trust and loyalty in the rap game, suggesting that Remy Ma’s actions have violated these core principles. However, he has yet to clarify what exactly transpired between Remy Ma and his partner that has led to this public condemnation.

Remy Ma’s Response

As of now, Remy Ma has not directly addressed Geechi Gotti’s accusations, leaving fans and the media eagerly awaiting her side of the story. It is important to note that until both parties provide more information, it is difficult to assess the validity of Geechi Gotti’s claims. Remy Ma may have a different perspective or explanation for her actions that has yet to be revealed.

Community Reaction

The hip-hop community has been buzzing with discussions surrounding this feud. Some fans have expressed support for Geechi Gotti, commending his dedication to loyalty and values within the industry. Others are taking a more cautious approach, waiting for Remy Ma to respond before forming their opinions. Regardless, this feud underscores the complexities of personal relationships in the entertainment world and the challenges faced by artists who must balance their public and private lives.


The feud between Geechi Gotti and Remy Ma has sparked intrigue and debate within the hip-hop community. While Geechi Gotti’s criticisms are rooted in a sense of loyalty and trust, the full story behind the alleged betrayal remains shrouded in mystery. Until both parties provide more context and perspective, it is challenging to draw definitive conclusions about the situation. As fans eagerly await further developments, this feud serves as a reminder that relationships, even within the glamorous world of rap, can be fraught with complications.

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