Rumors of Jade Cargill’s AEW Return Nonsense?

In the world of professional wrestling, rumors and speculations are as common as body slams and suplexes. One such rumor that has been circulating in the wrestling community is the possible return of Jade Cargill to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). While the wrestling world is no stranger to surprises and unexpected comebacks, let’s delve into the credibility of these rumors and separate fact from fiction.

The Origins of the Rumor

The rumor mill began churning after Jade Cargill took a temporary hiatus from AEW to deal with a minor injury. During her absence, wrestling fans and online forums started buzzing with speculation about her return. Some claimed insider knowledge, while others relied on hearsay and wishful thinking. But as with any rumor, it’s essential to scrutinize the sources and assess the likelihood of its accuracy.

Fact-Checking and Insider Insights

To ascertain the validity of these rumors, it’s crucial to consult reliable sources within the wrestling industry. AEW has a track record of keeping significant surprises and returns well-guarded until they’re ready to reveal them to the public. This level of secrecy makes it challenging for leaks to occur, further emphasizing the importance of skepticism when it comes to such rumors.

Additionally, reputable wrestling journalists and insiders have not reported on any concrete plans for Jade Cargill’s return. In an era where information spreads like wildfire, the absence of credible reports raises doubts about the authenticity of the rumors.

Jade Cargill’s Own Statements

Another critical aspect to consider is any statements made by Jade Cargill herself. Wrestlers often use social media to interact with fans and provide updates on their careers. However, as of now, Jade has not made any official statements or hints about her return to AEW. This silence from the wrestler herself casts further doubt on the credibility of the rumors.


While the wrestling world is known for its unpredictability, the rumors of Jade Cargill’s AEW return should be taken with a grain of salt. As of now, there is no concrete evidence or official statements to support these claims. It’s essential for fans to enjoy the excitement of speculation while also being mindful of the potential for misinformation in the wrestling community.


Is Jade Cargill’s return confirmed?

No, there is no official confirmation of Jade Cargill’s return to AEW at this time.

Have there been any hints from Jade Cargill about her return?

Jade Cargill has not made any public statements or hints regarding her return to AEW.

Are there credible insider reports supporting the rumors?

Reputable wrestling journalists and insiders have not reported any concrete plans for Jade Cargill’s return.

How does AEW handle surprises and returns?

AEW is known for keeping significant surprises and returns well-guarded until they are ready to announce them publicly.

Should fans be skeptical of wrestling rumors?

Yes, it’s advisable for fans to be skeptical of wrestling rumors and rely on credible sources and official statements for accurate information.

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