Shannon Beador of RHOC was arrested in Newport Beach for DUI and hit-and-run after hitting a house with her vehicle.

Shannon Beador, a Real Housewives of Orange County actress, was detained for DUI and hit-and-run on Saturday night in Newport Beach, Los Angeles after crashing her car into a house.

According to law enforcement sources, the reality star, 59, drove her car onto a residential property and struck a house, according to TMZ.

Beador is then alleged to have made a U-turn, proceeded on her way, parked in the middle of the street, and exited with her dog.

When police arrived at the area following a 911 call, Beador pretended to be “taking a walk.” The celebrity was brought into custody after ‘appearing wasted,’ according to reports.

As part of their investigation into the home damage, police also seized her car.

Beador was jailed for hit-and-run and DUI alcohol, according to a Newport Beach Police Department spokeswoman. She was issued a citation and freed without bond.

Bravo reps were approached for comment by

This comes just days after Gina Kirschenheiter slammed Beador on Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County for continuing to bring up her four-year-old DUI charge.

During the season 17 episode Pumpkins & Paparazzi, the 39-year-old reality star was also enraged by Shannon’s repeated claims that she was on the verge of having her children removed by Child Protective Services (CPS) on the day of her DUI arrest.

Shannon vehemently denied stating CPS would remove Gina’s children, but video evidence proved otherwise.

Tamra Judge, 55, informed Shannon during the pumpkin carving party that Jenn Pedranti, 45, told Gina about her DUI arrest and CPS going for her children.

‘Jenn, did you hear me say CPS was coming for Gina’s kids?’ Shannon yelled. ‘What are you on about? That is something I would never say.’

‘Okay, you’re telling me Jenn simply made up this narrative out of thin air,’ Heather Dubrow, 54, confessed. ‘No, I don’t believe so. ‘Well done, Shannon.’

Emily Simpson, 47, believes Jenn did not make it up.

‘I would never say such a thing!’ Shannon stated unequivocally.

‘Tamra was the one who explained Gina’s DUI to me at the dinner party,’ Jenn confessed. ‘It strikes me as weird that you have now conveniently forgotten.’

‘That is not correct!’ Gina yelled. ‘No one gets a DUI and then their children are taken away from them. Let it go!’

‘They were going to arrest you first thing in the morning,’ Shannon explained. ‘They were supposed to show up.’

‘How do you know that?’ Gina stated. ‘Do you work for the cops?’

Emily claimed it was only a bench warrant and that they would not come to her house and arrest her.

It’s been a difficult year for Beador, whose boyfriend John Janssen dumped her after nearly four years of together in November 2022.

Shannon and John split up shortly after season 17 of RHOC concluded, but she didn’t make the news public until January.

Shannon violated the fourth wall twice in an attempt to keep portions of her relationship with John confidential when Season 17 of RHOC premiered in June.

Shannon made her relationship with John official on Instagram in July 2019 after divorcing David Beador.

With ex David, she has a daughter Sophie, 21, and twin daughters Stella and Adeline, 19.

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