The Top 10 Most Friendly Pet Bird Species in the USA

When it comes to choosing a feathered friend as a pet, there are numerous bird species to consider. Each species has its own unique charm, personality, and care requirements. In the United States, bird enthusiasts have a wide array of options to choose from. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most friendly pet bird species in the USA.

African Grey Parrot

Scientific Name: Psittacus erithacus

Personality: African Grey Parrots are renowned for their intelligence and ability to mimic human speech. They bond closely with their owners and thrive on social interaction.

Care Requirements: Provide mental stimulation, a spacious cage, and a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables

Budgerigar (Budgie)

Scientific Name: Melopsittacus undulatus

Personality: Budgies are small, playful, and easy to train. They enjoy being around people and can become quite affectionate with their owners.

Care Requirements: Regular interaction, a spacious cage, and a varied diet are essential for their well-being.


Scientific Name: Nymphicus hollandicus

Personality: Cockatiels are known for their friendly and gentle nature. They are often described as “pocket parrots” due to their small size and loving disposition.

Care Requirements: Provide toys for mental stimulation, social interaction, and a balanced diet.


Scientific Name: Agapornis

Personality: Lovebirds are aptly named for their affectionate nature. They form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy cuddling and preening their human companions.

Care Requirements: Pair them with a mate or spend plenty of time interacting with them. A spacious cage and a diverse diet are essential.


Scientific Name: Cacatuidae

Personality: Cockatoos are highly sociable birds that require a lot of attention. They are known for their playful and outgoing nature.

Care Requirements: Regular interaction, mental stimulation, and a large, sturdy cage are crucial.


Scientific Name: Aratinga

Personality: Conures are vibrant and playful birds that enjoy being the center of attention. They are known for their outgoing and affectionate behavior.

Care Requirements: Socialization, toys for entertainment, and a balanced diet are necessary.

Quaker Parrot

Scientific Name: Myiopsitta monachus

Personality: Quaker Parrots are charming and intelligent birds that thrive on human interaction. They are known for their entertaining antics.

Care Requirements: Socialization, a spacious cage, and a variety of toys are essential.


Scientific Name: Forpus coelestis

Personality: Parrotlets may be small, but they have big personalities. They are curious and enjoy spending time with their owners.

Care Requirements: Provide mental stimulation, a spacious cage, and regular attention.

Senegal Parrot

Scientific Name: Poicephalus senegalus

Personality: Senegal Parrots are known for their friendly and inquisitive nature. They are quick learners and enjoy human interaction.

Care Requirements: Socialization, toys, and a balanced diet are crucial for their well-being.


Scientific Name: Serinus canaria

Personality: Canaries are known for their melodious singing and vibrant plumage. While they may not seek as much physical interaction as some other species, their song can be incredibly soothing.

Care Requirements: Provide a spacious cage, access to sunlight, and a varied diet.


In conclusion, choosing the right pet bird is a significant decision. These top 10 friendly pet bird species in the USA offer a range of personalities and characteristics to suit various lifestyles. Remember that proper care, attention, and love are essential for the well-being of any pet bird.


How do I choose the best pet bird for my family?

Consider factors such as your lifestyle, available space, and the amount of time you can devote to your bird. Research each species to find one that matches your preferences.

What is the best way to socialize with my pet bird?

Spend quality time with your bird, talk to them, and provide toys and activities that stimulate their minds and keep them engaged.

Do pet birds require special diets?

Yes, pet birds need a balanced diet that includes pellets, fresh fruits, vegetables, and occasional treats. Consult with a veterinarian or avian specialist for specific dietary recommendations.

Can I keep multiple pet birds together?

It depends on the species. Some birds are social and enjoy companionship, while others may become territorial. Research the compatibility of different species before introducing them.

How can I ensure the safety and comfort of my pet bird?

Ensure their cage is secure, provide a safe environment, and monitor them for any signs of illness. Regular check-ups with an avian veterinarian are also essential.

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