The Top 9 Latinx-Run Animal Rescue Organizations

Animal rescues play a vital role in saving and caring for countless furry and feathered companions in need. Among the many dedicated organizations, Latinx-run animal rescues have emerged as beacons of hope for animals across various communities. These organizations not only provide shelter and rehabilitation for animals but also reflect the rich diversity and compassion within the Latinx community. In this article, we will introduce you to nine Latinx-run animal rescues that deserve recognition for their remarkable work in the world of animal welfare.

The Amanda Foundation

Amanda Foundation, founded by Teri Austin, is dedicated to rescuing and finding loving homes for abandoned animals. Their unique approach involves pairing rescued animals with senior citizens, offering companionship to both.

PAWS Chicago (Chicago, Illinois)

PAWS Chicago, co-founded by Paula Fasseas, focuses on reducing the number of homeless pets through adoption, spaying/neutering, and community outreach programs. They have been instrumental in transforming Chicago into a no-kill city.

Little Lion Foundation (Long Beach, California)

Founded by Adrienne Nicole, the Little Lion Foundation specializes in rescuing cats and kittens from high-kill shelters. They are committed to providing medical care and finding permanent homes for these feline friends.

Doggie’s Wonderland (Miami, Florida)

oggie’s Wonderland, led by Jorge Diaz, is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs, particularly those with behavioral issues. Their innovative approach involves training and education to ensure successful adoptions.

San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition

The San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition, with Linda Elliott at the helm, is focused on humane management of feral cat colonies. They provide trap-neuter-return services to control the feral cat population.


How can I support Latinx-run animal rescues?

You can support them by donating, volunteering your time, adopting a pet, or spreading awareness about their work.

Are these rescues limited to serving Latinx communities?

No, these rescues serve diverse communities and animals in need, regardless of their background.

Do these rescues only rescue specific types of animals?

While some focus on specific animals like cats or turtles, many rescue a wide range of animals in need.

Are Latinx-run animal rescues only found in the United States?

No, similar rescues exist worldwide, with dedicated individuals working to help animals in their respective regions.

Can I adopt a pet from a Latinx-run animal rescue if I’m not of Latinx heritage?

Absolutely! These rescues welcome adopters from all backgrounds who are committed to providing loving homes for animals in need.

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