Top 7 Beautiful Border Collies Colors

Border Collies are beloved around the world for their intelligence, agility, and striking coat colors. These lively and energetic dogs come in a wide array of beautiful shades, each with its unique charm. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 stunning Border Collie colors. We’ll break down these colors in simple terms, making it easy for beginners to understand and appreciate the beauty of these remarkable dogs.

Black and White

Imagine a Border Collie dressed in a classic tuxedo. That’s what the black and white Border Collie looks like! This color combination is one of the most iconic and common among Border Collies. Their sleek black coat, combined with bright white markings, creates a striking and elegant appearance. It’s like a timeless black-and-white movie star.


The tri-color Border Collie is a three-in-one package! These dogs sport a coat of black, white, and tan. Picture a black and white Border Collie with cute tan eyebrows and patches above their eyes and on their cheeks. This combination adds a touch of warmth to their already charming appearance.

Blue Merle

Blue Merle Border Collies are like walking works of art. Their blue-gray marbled coat is adorned with speckles of black and white. It’s as if they’ve been painted by a talented artist with a brush dipped in moonlight. These dogs have a magical, almost surreal aura about them.

Red and White

Red and white Border Collies are like rays of sunshine. Their coats range from light tan to deep red, with crisp white accents. Picture a beautiful autumn landscape with leaves falling gently – that’s the kind of warmth these Collies exude.


Sable Border Collies are like furry foxes. Their coats come in a range of colors, from light tan to dark brown, and they often have black-tipped hairs that create a lovely pattern. It’s like wearing a coat made of autumn leaves and twigs.


Chocolate Border Collies are as sweet as their name suggests. These dogs have rich, deep brown coats that are both luscious and velvety. They’re like a delightful piece of chocolate that you can’t resist.


Lilac Border Collies are a rare and enchanting sight. Their coat is a pale lavender or silver-gray, often with subtle tan or white markings. They resemble a delicate flower bathed in the soft light of a setting sun.

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