The Most Common Types of Belgian Dog Breeds

Belgian Malinois

Meet the Belgian Malinois, known for their intelligence and loyalty. They excel as working dogs in various roles.

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Belgian Tervuren

Discover the elegant Belgian Tervuren breed, admired for their stunning appearance and herding skills.

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Belgian Sheepdog

Learn about the versatile Belgian Sheepdog, highly regarded for their herding and protective instincts.

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Belgian Laekenois

Explore the Belgian Laekenois breed, appreciated for their unique appearance and herding abilities.

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Belgian Schipperke

The small, adorable Schipperke originated in Belgium's Flemish provinces. This breed is one of the region's oldest, dating back to the Middle Ages.

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Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon, as the name suggests, is a Belgian bird. These dogs have huge personalities! They're scrappy little dogs who aren't at all toy dogs.

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