The Top 9 Official State Animals Of Virginia

Eastern Box Turtle

Virginia's state reptile, the Eastern Box Turtle, is known for its distinctive shell and vibrant markings.

Image : unsplash

Northern Cardinal

Meet the Northern Cardinal, Virginia's state bird, with its striking red plumage and melodious song.

Image : unsplash

American Foxhound

Learn about the American Foxhound, Virginia's state dog, famous for its hunting prowess and loyalty.

Image : instagram

Brook Trout

Discover the Brook Trout, Virginia's state freshwater fish, thriving in the state's pristine waters.

Image : unsplash

Virginia Big-Eared Bat

Uncover the mysteries of the Virginia Big-Eared Bat, Virginia's state bat species, found in caves.

Image : unsplash

American Black Bear

Explore the American Black Bear, Virginia's state mammal, symbolizing the state's wildlife diversity.

Image : unsplash

Bottlenose Dolphin

Dive into the world of the Bottlenose Dolphin, Virginia's state marine mammal, inhabiting coastal waters

Image : unsplash

Virginia Oyster

Savor the taste of the Virginia Oyster, the state shellfish, renowned for its culinary delight.

Image : unsplash

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